Stamp Colour Trial


  • Scott #16T44 Lot of Listed and Unlisted Proofs Large Dies, Trial Colors & More
  • U. S. #40-47TC Atlanta Trial Colors 1c-90c Portraits in Green
  • US 63P4//78P4 1862 Issues withTrial Colors Proofs on Card VF-XF NGAI SCV $1720
  • Ethiopia Stamps # 263-7 Trial Colors Imperf Pairs Very Rare
  • Gabon Stamps olympic set of 9 trial colors NH
  • Bk Colors Curated With Versacolor Artnic Stamp Pad
  • Canada Stamps 1928 Rare Trial Colors Set of 4 on Cover Rossler
  • (4) 15L18 Blood's Penny Post, Philadelphia. Trial Color Plate Proofs, 4 colors
  • Newfoundland #135DP(TC) Extra Fine Trial Color Die Proofs In Four Colors
  • USA #12TCGa, d, f, g Very Fine Trial Color Plate Proof Quartet In Four Colors
  • Momen Leeward Islands 1954 Trial Colors Mint Og H Rare Lot #61468
  • Stamp Colors
  • US SCOTT #73TC3 Several Different Colors Trial Color Plate Proofs (DFP 7/7/20)
  • Belgium Stamps # XF 9x Early Trial Proofs in Various Colors
  • Ethiopia Stamps 1944 Set of Trial Colors Imperforate Extremely Rare