Stamp Colour Trial


  • 1876 8d brown orange. Imperf plate 1 colour trial overprinted specimen
  • SG. 156 variety PH. 8d Orange. COLOUR TRIAL. A fine mounted mint B69842
  • Canada 213TC Large Unhardened Trial Colour Die Proof in orange, 1935 Jubilee
  • SG188 Colour trial imperforate 1½d Orange on White paper
  • 1TC1b & 2TC1b Orange Vermillion Large Die Trial Color Proofs Bond Paper PF Cert
  • 1876 8d orange Yellow Imperf plate 1 colour trial with overprinted specimen (PJ)
  • U. S. #12TC5g SCARCE Trial Color Proof with Cert 12c Jefferson, Deep Orange
  • Canada Sc #16TCii (1864) 10c orange yellow Consort Trial Colour Plate Proof Pair
  • USA #561-TC1ae Extra Fine Large Die Proof Trial Color In Red Orange W\ Control #
  • USA #116TC1ah Very Fine Trial Color Large Die Proof In Dull Dark Orange
  • U. S. #39TC5d RARE Trial Color Proof 90c Brown Orange
  • Canada 16TCii 10c Orange Yellow, Prince Albert, Trial Color Plate Proof
  • Canada #52DP (M & P #52TCLdP) Extra Fine Trial Color Die Proof In Orange
  • 1860 New Brunswick #5TCP4 5c Orange Charles Connell Trial Color Proof on Card
  • US SCOTT #341TC1ai Trial Color Large Die Proof Orange Brown On Yellow DFP 7/9/20
  • USA #2TC3a Very Fine Trial Color Plate Proof In Pastel Orange On India Paper